Hermione Gilpin

Chief Development Officer

Hermione Gilpin, CDO

I connect people with their passions.

Building bridges throughout our region, exploring opportunities for new partnerships, and engaging our donors are at the heart of my day-to-day work for the Federation. Whether the day brings meetings, meals, community events, or maybe even a rare hour at my desk, you will find me working to find the best opportunities for our donors to support the Federation’s daily work in personally meaningful ways while helping to make a bright Jewish future a reality.

Without people, the Federation’s work doesn’t happen. I have the great honor of cultivating deep relationships on a daily basis. While it takes a lot of time and effort to develop a strong understanding of and commitment to our work, the rewards are endless as I watch the community thrive and embrace its future.

Though I once thought I was destined for a career in the performing arts as a writer and director, my practical side told me to explore the “business” side of theatre. I started doing internships in marketing for theatre when someone recommended that I try development. At the age of 19, I said, “I don’t know what that is, but why not?”

A decade or so later, philanthropy is my passion and people my inspiration. When I am not at the Federation, you will still find me at arts and cultural institutions around town enjoying all Sarasota has to offer, trying a new restaurant, or cooking a new dish in my kitchen.

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