15 2020

Exploring Opera, The Romantic Period: Aria Ready?

4:00PM - 5:30PM  


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The Romantic Period

Join opera appreciation instructor James Sokol & vocal coach Ron Valentino for a unique journey through opera history via the exploration of arias. Each live, online session focuses on different periods of opera history, from the Baroque & Classical through the Romantic & Bel Canto to the Verismo & Modern. Not familiar with some of these terms? No worries; we got ya covered! Learn about and hear different repertoire, singers, musical styles, and vocal challenges unique to each period. Video performance clips bring the excitement & beauty of opera into the discussion. This is a wonderful series for the opera newcomer and the long-time fan!

From 1830-1900, Meyerbeer, Verdi, Wagner & Massenet dominate the scene and take opera to new dramatic and vocal heights; yes, the singers give more than ever before. Bigger orchestras require bigger voices. The vocal challenges are paramount.