2 2018

Temple Sinai's Introduction to the Bible

9:15AM - 10:15AM  

Temple Sinai 4631 South Lockwood Ridge Road
Enter from Proctor Road only between Beneva and Swift Roads
Sarasota, FL 34231
941-924-1802 (Phone)
941-925-2455 (Fax)

Contact Temple Sinai
941-924-1802 (Phone)
941-925-2455 (Fax)

Temple Sinai, 4631 South Lockwood Ridge Road (enter from Proctor Road only) welcomes you to Introduction to the Bible presented by Rabbi Michael Churgel Wednesdays 9:15 a.m. Each week Rabbi Churgel will analyze and discuss all aspects of the Bible word by word, line by line. No formal knowledge of the Bible is needed and newcomers are always welcome. Call 941-924-1802 for more details.

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