Since 2009, The Jewish Federation has been grateful to Robert and Esther Heller for their generosity and idea of creating the Heller Israel Advocacy Initiative. We are so proud of the work we have done to support and promote the State of Israel and her citizens. The program was established to advocate for peace and security for Israel through education, information and community action; to raise awareness of, and actively confront global anti-Semitism and radical Islam; and directly address anti-Israel activities in our community.


Over the past few years this mission has grown into even more action. Our Israel Advocacy Initiative grew into what many see as a Community Relations Committee organically. Our work advocating for peace and security of Israel will not ever end, rather it will be supported even better with the relationships that we have and will continue to build in the community under the auspices of the Heller Community Relations Committee.



 To build relationships within the Jewish and non-Jewish communities to advance common interests through education and advocacy.


Some ways in which the Heller CRC advocates for Israel and against anti-Semitism are:

  • Educating faith communities about Israel, Judaism and the BDS movement
  • Hold events  with Israeli dignitaries and experts on Israeli history
  • Support Hillel and our Jewish college students
  • Community and Interfaith missions to Israel


The Heller CRC builds strong and lasting bridges between our community and Israel every day.





  • Ambassador Ron Prosor Speaking Engagement—January 25
  • Heschel-king Breakfast—February 21


  • Heschel-KIing Breakfast—February 16
  • Elie Weisel Memorial Service—July 6
  • Left vs Right Debate with JJ Goldberg and Jonathan S. Tobin—November 21


  • Interfaith Solidarity Rally—October 27
  • Faith to Faith with Nate Miller: Israel's Relationship with the UN—February 9


  • Israel in a Changin Middle East with Dr. Mordechai Kedar—​February 3
  • Faith to Faith: Christians and Jews working together for Israel—February 18
  • Interfaith Passover Seder—March 27
  • Interfaith Sukkot—October 11