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Get Involved

At JFSM, we believe that everyone can-and should-play a role in countering antisemitism. Continue reading to learn how you can help.  

Kim Adler

Chief Operating Officer


Helpful Tips

Here's how you can help.

Antisemitism is on the rise across the United States and it is not just a Jewish problem. To stamp out misinformation and hate we need allies from our entire community. 

Our Heller Jewish Community Relations Committee offers the following advice to anyone who wants to help:

  • Act.  Call a friend, sign a petition, and help repair acts of vandalism.
  • Unite.  Reach out to allies from synagogues, churches, schools, clubs, and other civic groups. Invite guests to your Shabbat dinner table and Jewish holiday celebrations.
  • Support the Victims.  Hate crime victims are especially vulnerable. Be there for each other.
  • Speak Up.   Hate must be exposed and denounced. Share hate incidents and report them to news organizations.
  • Educate Yourself.  Being informed improves your effectiveness. Research hate groups’ symbols and agendas. Understand the difference between a hate crime and an incident of bias.
  • Pressure Leaders.  Elected officials and other community leaders are important allies. Take an active role in explaining how Antisemitism has affected you. Build relationships and speak up if they show bias or fail to act against hate.
  • Teach Acceptance.  Bias is learned early, often at home. Schools can offer lessons of tolerance and acceptance. Examine your child’s textbooks for bias. Expose your child to multicultural experiences and include your child’s non-Jewish friends too!
  • Dig Deeper.  Look inside yourself for biases and stereotypes. We all have biases, but acknowledgment is the first step to better understanding.
  • Get Involved!  Our Heller JCRC offers many ways to advocate and fight Antisemitism.

Report Antisemitism

See Something? Say Something.

If you are a witness to an antisemitic act we encourage you to speak up. Now, it’s easier than ever to report the incident. Just take a few moments to thoroughly fill out our incident report and click submit when complete.

Blue Square

Stand Up to Jewish Hate is a national campaign designed to raise awareness about antisemitism and hatred against Jews. Share the blue square emoji (#🟦) on your social media and join Jewish and non-Jewish organizations from around the United States and stand up to Jewish hate. 

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