The Jewish Federation of Sarasota Manatee Women’s Giving Circle, or Ma’agal Nashim, is a giving circle that empowers women as philanthropists, decision makers and agents of change. The Women’s Giving Circle’s mission is to enhance the lives of Jewish women and children who need help and live in Israel. Each year, WGC distributes grants to nonprofit organizations in Israel who help fulfill our mission. 

The giving circle model multiplies individual actions, creating a tremendous collective impact with 100% of the funds directed towards the cause. Since its start in 2014, we have distributed more than $138,000 in grants to nonprofits in Israel that help women and children of all backgrounds live safer, healthier and more meaningful lives.  
It’s through the power of collective philanthropy that we accomplish our mission.

For information on this program,
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Jeremy Lisitza




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A mission is currently in the works for 2019. Stay tuned in the coming months for more information.