The Women’s Giving Circle’s mission is to enhance the lives of Jewish women and children who need help and live in Israel. Each year, WGC distributes grants to nonprofit organizations in Israel who help fulfill our mission. Since its start in 2014, we have distributed more than $273,006 in grants to 64 nonprofits in Israel that help women and children of all backgrounds live safer, healthier and more meaningful lives.


If you are a nonprofit in Israel whose programs help to enhance the lives of Jewish women and children, and wish to receive a grant from the Women’s Giving Circle, please follow the granting process below.



  • There is one (1) granting cycle per year; granting applications are accepted prior to each cycle period.
  • You must be an Israeli nonprofit organization.
  • Grants range from $4,000 to $6,000 in funding per program.
  • Click the “Apply” button on this page to apply.
  • We make our best effort to respond to your application within 90 days from the above referenced application dates.
  • Grants must be used within 12 months of the date of funding.
  • Application window is October 28, 2020 - December 18, 2020


Keep checking this page for the next application window.

For information on this program,
please contact:

Jeremy Lisitza





Debbie Yonker, Chair





$34,000 in Total Grants Awarded

Dental Volunteers for Israel: Free Dental Care for At-Risk Youth and Abused Women

Mavoi Satum: "From Strength to Strength" empowerment program for Jewish women trapped in unwanted marriages

Beit Ruth for Young Women and Girls At Risk: Computers for 21st Century Learning

ELEM: Youth in Distress, Young Women Activists Group

Beit Micha: Parent Assistance Program, for Families of Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Infants

American Friends of Rabin Medical Center: Rabin Medical Center's Breast Cancer Unit - BRCA Multidisciplinary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Clinic

The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village: Residence for Lone Soldiers


$41,374 total in grants awarded

  • American Friends of Laket Israel: Feeding Israel's Children at Risk
  • The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village: Residence for Lone Soldiers
  • Dental Volunteers for Israel: Free Dental Care for At-Risk Youth and Abused Women
  • Friends for the Comunity in Israel: "Project Petel" in the city of Sderot near  the Gaza Strip
  • Machshava Tova: Let's Tech! for Teenage Girls at Risk
  • IDF Widows and Orphans Organization: Otzma "Strength" Camps
  • Beit Micha, Tel-Aviv: Replenishment of Beit Micha's Loaner Bank of Hearing Aids
  • Crossroads: Teen Crisis Hotline
  • RESPECS Frames for the Needy: Prescription eyeglasses for women in need


$57,844 total in grants awarded

  • Mavoi Satum: Building a New Future—Emotional Support for mesoravot get (Jewish women denied a divorce)
  • DVI - Dental Volunteers for Israel: Free Dental Care for At-Risk Youth and Abused Women
  • YEDID -The Association for Community Empowerment in Israel: Women's Voices
  • Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center in memory of founding member Linda Feldman: Sexual Violence Prevention Education Afterschool Program for At-Risk Youth
  • ELI: Israel Association for Child Protection: School-based Cyberbullying Prevention and Awareness
  • JobKatif Achotenu: academic nurses training program for Ethiopian-Israelis
  • ZAKA - Search and Rescue: K-9 Leadership Training and Empowerment Program for Youth at Risk
  • Orr Shalom for Children and Youth at Risk:  Orr Shalom Safe Haven Camps for Orphans
  • Kaima Nahalal: Project Lavender
  • RES-SPECS Frames for the Needy: Prescription eyeglasses for women in need
  • Yozmot Atid:  Taking the Leap—A small business incubator program for Israeli women earners from the lowest income brackets



$40,788 total in grants awarded

  • Orr Shalom for Children and Youth at Risk: Essential Clothing and Equipment Packs for Children at Risk
  • Ethiopian National ProjectENP SPACE (School Performance and Community Empowerment) Scholastic Assistance Program for Ethiopian-Israeli Girls
  • Crossroads: Online Help Line and Crisis Intervention
  • Economic Empowerment for Women: Business of One's Own
  • Mavoi Satum: Building a New Future—Emotional Support for mesoravot get (Jewish women denied a divorce)
  • TIKVOT: Abba's friends 
  • ELI: Israel Association for Child Protection: ELI/ IDF partnership—working with female sexually abused soldiers 
  • American Friends of Leket Israel: Feeding Israel's Youth At Risk



$50,000 total in grants awarded

  • Israel Phliharmonic Orchestra
  • Artist 4 Israel
  • Ethiopian National Project (ENP)
  • Shabatai Levi Home
  • Mavoi Satum
  • Orr Shalom
  • Krembo Wings
  • Bat Melech
  • Economic Empowerment for Women
  • Crossroads


$40,000 total in grants awarded

  • Friends for the Community in Israel 
  • Am. Friends of the Jordan River Village Family 
  • First Hug Assn. 
  • Orr Shalom   
  • Yad Ezra V'Shulamit 
  • Ethiopian National Project 
  • Tenufa Bakehila (Building Hope) 
  • The Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Health and Community Service
  • Crossroads Jerusalem 


$25,000 total in grants awarded

  • Family Nest
  • Latet - Israeli Humanitarian Aid
  • Health and Community Service Center
  • Yad Ezra V Shulamit
  • The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers
  • Neve Hadassa Youth Village
  • American Friends of NATAL – Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War
  • American Friends of Leket Israel
  • ZAKA
  • Eden Association


$18,000 total in grants awarded

  • Nebga - Network of Houses of Hope for Children At-Risk in Israel
  • Family Nest Ashkelon
  • Orr Shalom for Children and Youth at Risk
  • YEDID The Association for Community Empowerment
  • Livnot U'Lehibanot